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Postocom makes scheduling social media easier than ever. Stop loosing time posting your post on every channels. Create one post and get it posted on all your channels at a specific time.

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Postocom is so simple to use. Create your account within a minute and start scheduling right away.

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Previsualize your posts before they go live and schedule everything is a beautiful calendar.

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Get the same posted on Instagram, Facebook pages & Groups, Twitter, Google my business and even Linkedin.

Previsualize your posts

Postocom allows you to previsualize your posts before they go live so you can see how great it looks on each and every platforms.

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Use our wonderful calendar to schedule and plan your social media strategy at a glance.

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Some posts deserve more than being Post just once. Repost your posts until a certain day to get even more engagement.

Add watermark to your pictures

Increase brand confidence & brand awareness by adding your logo to your pictures.

Edit pictures straight from your dashboard

Postocom allows you to edit your pictures before scheduling them. Reduce white balance, greyscale, crop etc… Get the perfect result within a few clicks.

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